The Art of Refinishing: Restoring Classic Cars with Automotive Paint

Modern-day cars are faster, more reliable, more comfortable, safer, cleaner, and more economical. Yet, they can never replace the charm of classic cars. A classic car is a piece of remarkable craftsmanship that is its owner's pride and neighbour's envy. Therefore, it is no surprise that classic car owners go to any extent to ensure their cherished possessions stay young forever. Unfortunately, like their owners, cars also age with time and need to be restored. One such example is restoring rusty classic cars with automotive paint. If you also are a proud owner planning to hire a remarkable touch up paint Australia restoration service for your classic car, we list a few things you should remember to ensure your car comes out as good as new and stays young forever. Let's get driving. 

Things to Remember When Restoring Your Classic Car with Automotive Paint 

Restoring your classic car is like giving it a new leash of life. Therefore, you must keep in mind the following to ensure it comes out as good as new without fiddling with its originality. 

1.) Ensure Your Classic Car Stays 'Classic' 

You might be strongly tempted to create a modern beast out of your classic car using the restoration process. Believe us; it is the worst you can do. Instead, we recommend thoroughly researching various avenues to source the paint and parts that once defined its style and features and added to its glitter.  

2.) Remember, Cheap isn’t Always the Best 

When it is about restoring your classic car with automotive paint, remember a cheap paint job can ruin it forever and degrade its value further. Therefore, we recommend you consult a professional and get the best paint from a reputed supplier of touch up paint in Australia for your car instead of looking for a cheap affair. 

3.) Choose a Reputed Paint Shop 

Now that you have sourced the right colour, it's time to get your classic car painted. This step usually involves looking around for a reputable professional or paint shop unless you have already shortlisted someone who can execute the job expertly and to your expectations. Remember, restoring your classic car with automotive paint won't be cheap. Therefore, ensure you only choose a professional with enough experience working with your desired colour and the required techniques. 

4.) Look After Your Classic Car Like a Baby, Again! 

Remember how you cared for your car like a baby when it was new? Having spent so much time, effort, and money getting your classic car restored with automotive paint, it is precisely what you need to do again. Ensure you consult the service that painted your vehicle to know what materials to use when washing your car and for any other precautions. Additionally, we recommend avoiding driving or parking your classic car in places where it could get scratched or damaged. 

With the right paint and expert paint service, you can once again transform your classic car into the wonder it once used to be and increase its value considerably. BCS Auto Paints is a leading supplier of touch up paint in Australia, along with auto repair paint touch-up pens, aerosols, and scratch brush bottles. We boast a database of over 500,000 paint formulas, developed and enriched since the early 1950s. No matter what paint you choose to restore your classic car, you can rest assured we will have it. Please visit for more information on our products, paint codes and to place an order, or call us at 1300 996 950.

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