Aerosol paint instructions

Primer Application

1 - 2k or a Acrylic Primer is to be applied over any repairs that are back to metal or any repairs that have been done using body filler to seal the surface.

2 - Shake can really well for 1 min and then apply first coat evenly from 30cm away with overlaping strokes for good coverage. Allow 10 mins to dry and then apply second heavy coat and allow to dry over night .

3 - Next day sand back primered surface with 600 wet n Dry paper and rub the whole panel back that is to be sprayed with the same paper. Dry off well and wipe down with wax and grease remover once panel has been masked up. Now you are ready to apply base colour.

Base / Pearl Application

4 - Apply 2 coats of base colour with 10 mins between coats and allow to dry 20mins. Same applies for 3 layer colours where a candy or pearl is being used, follow same steps with each layer.

Top Coat Clear Application

5 - If using Acrylic Clear cans or 2k Clear cans , please follow same application as ( step 2 ) above .

6 - 2k will give you a nice high gloss finish straight out of the can and no buffing should be required. If there is paint runs or dust in finish , 2k clear can be cut back with 2000grit paper and buffed up to a high gloss shine .

Acrylic clear once applied allow to dry for 4 days and then can be rubbed with 2000grit and buffed up to a high gloss shine.