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Automotive Epoxy Primer 2K 1.25 Litre Kit HKS

Automotive Epoxy Primer 2K 1.25 Litre Kit HKS

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1 Litre Epoxy Primer

1.25L  4:1 Hardener

HKS EPOXY Primer Muti-purpose Double Pack Hi Build Primer

Giving excellent resistance against rust, salt atmosphere and impact, it has perfect adhesion to properly treated metals.


Muti-purpose double pack epoxy primer, with good filling power and fine adhesion between coats, has excellent flexibility andi impact resistance.

Surface Cleaning:

Remove wax,silicon and other contamination with degreaser.

Pot Life:


Fast drying hardener : 45 minutes;

Standard hardener : 1.5 minutes.

Spraying coat:

2 -3coats,total 40-60um


5 -10 minutes at 25℃.

Drying time:

4-6hours(25℃) or 45 minutes(70℃).

Shelf Life:

2 years

Mixing ratio is 4:1

Australia wide post

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