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BCS Epoxy Primer Grey 2 Pack 2k Kit 1.25L

BCS Epoxy Primer Grey 2 Pack 2k Kit 1.25L

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1 Litre HS Primer

250ml 4:1 Hardener

1. 2K epoxy primer

2. 2K epoxy primer hardener


Sanded existing finishes, steel and fiber reinforced plastics etc.


Giving excellent resistance against rust, salt atmosphere and impact, it has perfect adhesion to properly treated metals.

Pot life:

2-4 hours at 25ºC

Spraying coat:

2-3 coats, total 40-60 um


At 25℃,5-10 minutes between coats.

Drying time:

20℃ : 20-24 hours ;

30℃ : 10-15 hours ;

70℃ : 50-60 minutes.

Shelf Life:

2 years

For oxidated iron and cast iron, shot blasted 2.5 class with roughness of 30-75um, or acid wash oxidated parts, then get rid of rust.

It is recommended to bake at 60-70℃ for 30 minutes when temperature is below 10℃ for better curing of paint film.


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