How To do Touch Up Paint for Car?

How To do Touch Up Paint for Car?

You invest a lot of money to buy a vehicle. It becomes your pride and joy. Hence, you like to show it off to others at every chance. You also wish to maintain the appearance of your vehicle. Unfortunately, a vehicle can suffer from scratches and chips. The small scratches and chips on the car's surface can affect its overall appearance. You can consider taking the vehicle to a professional to address the issue. Repairing the paint job by professionals means you have to spend a huge amount of money. You can consider touching the paint by yourself. The DIY job requires a little effort and time. But, you can complete the job at a fraction of the price. Choose high-quality touch up paint for cars to get a professional finish. Here are the steps to follow to get the best results.

  1. Clean The Surface
    Before starting the paint job, clean the surface requiring painting. It is vital to work on a clean surface to get lasting results. Wash your car properly. Use a spray glass cleaner on the areas that require a touch-up. Dry the car using a microfiber cloth. The vehicle surface must remain dry before painting.
  2. Detect The Damage
    Detect the extent of the damage on the car's surface using a bright light. Check all along the body surface. You can mark the damaged area using a masking tape piece. It helps you identify the marks when you have to use touch-up paint.
  3. Sand The Damaged Surface
    Next, you must prepare the surface to paint. To prepare the damaged area, you should sand it. Choose sandpaper (1500-2500grit) or a small-sized sanding block to sand the area. It will prepare the chipped spot for painting. While using the sandpaper, use light and short strokes. Back-and-forth motion can sand the area. You should continue the step until the area loses a glossy shine and achieves a uniform look. When you rub the chipped area with a finger after sanding, it must feel smooth.
  4. Clean The Surface With Paint Thinner
    Apply paint thinner on the sanded surface to clean and prep the area. To clean the surface, dip the cotton swab in the automotive paint thinner. You can opt for general-purpose paint thinner for this purpose. Use the cotton swab on the paint chip and the sanded area. Never skip this step as the repair paint must stick to the vehicle’s surface and withstand the external elements while driving. Applying paint thinner can help the touch-up paint to adhere better.
  5. Apply Touch-Up Paint
    Use a fine-tip paintbrush to apply a base coat. Choose the best touch up paint for cars from a reputed platform that matches the vehicle colour. Dab the paint lightly on the prepped area. Use only a small amount every time you dab. When the paint dries, it may lose its volume. Hence, you should wait until the paint dries to check the necessity of another coat. Apply several coats of base coat before moving to the clear coat.
  6. Maintain Smooth Surface
    If your vehicle has a deeper chip, you must build the paint to make the surface even with the rest. Always complete the process in stages. First, apply paint and dry it. Repeat the step until the surface becomes smooth and even.
  7. Apply Clear Coat
    After the base coat dries, you must seal it with a clear coat. Choose a fine-tipped paintbrush to apply the clear coat. Follow the same dabbing technique. Allow the clear coat to dry partially before applying an additional coat. Additional coat application is needed only when required.
  8. Allow Touch-Up Paint To Cure
    When you feel the touch up paint for cars looks good, allow the paint to dry. It may take up to 48 hours for the paint to dry and harden.
  9. Polish The Car Paint
    After the vehicle paint cures, use polish to finish the job. Using a car polish can give the freshly repaired area a glossy appearance.

Choosing The Best Touch Up Paint
When you decide to touch up at home, the paint selection can play a vital role in providing a professional look. Try to get the best touch up paint for cars from reputed platforms like BCS Auto Paints to get a professional look. The Australian-based company has decades of experience in providing the best paint options to customers according to their specific vehicle make or model. The metallic paints and clear top coats provided by this auto paint service can transform the appeal of your vehicle. Here are some reasons why customers like to get auto paint from BCS Auto Paints:

  • Various Colour Options
    BCS Auto Paints has experience creating auto-repair aerosol brush bottles, touch-up pens, and scratch brush bottles in all possible colour options. The company has a rich database consisting of more than 500,000 paint formulas.
  • Expert Team
    BCS Auto Paints has a team of skilful innovators with knowledge and experience to provide valuable assistance to customers. Their natural love for automobiles makes them valuable assets to the company. They have good knowledge of the auto paint industry. It ensures you can get answers to all your inquiries.
  • Trustworthy Reputation
    The paint supplier with several years of experience in providing paint solutions to automotive companies and panel shops in Australia, BCS Auto Paints has built a solid reputation. The consistency and quality of the services make it preferable to the customers.
  • Excellent Customer Service
    When you buy touch up paint for cars from BCS Auto Paints, you get an optimized experience. The consistency in quality and constant development of techniques makes it a trusted brand. You get the best solutions from the experts.

To complete the paint touch-up with perfection at home, you should get paint from a reputed source. High-quality paint can provide a glossy finish to the paint job. It will look professional. The touch up paint for cars from BCS Auto Paints can serve the purpose. But, use it only for small scratches and dents. It can provide the best coverage for chipped paint in small areas. A DIY touch-up paint job may not work well for extensive paint damage.

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