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HKS 1KG Body Filler light weight Polyester Putty Easy Sanding Body Repair

HKS 1KG Body Filler light weight Polyester Putty Easy Sanding Body Repair

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1kG Polyester Body filler light weight putty 

Easy sand 

Premium grade for all Auto body repairs 


Car body filler, also known as automotive body filler or just "filler," is a type of material used to repair and smooth out imperfections on the surface of a car's body. It is a mixture of polyester resin and a hardener, which, when mixed together, form a putty-like substance that can be applied to the car's body.

CHPO car body filler is a HKS brand of filler that is designed to be easy to work with and provide a smooth finish. It can be used to fill in small dents, scratches, and other imperfections on the car's body before it is painted. The filler is applied in a thin layer, allowed to dry, and then sanded down to create a smooth surface. Once the surface is smooth, it can be painted over with the car's original color or a new color.

CHPO car body filler is typically sold in cans can be applied with a putty knife or spreader. It is important to follow the manufacturer's instructions when using car body filler, including wearing appropriate safety gear and applying the filler in a well-ventilated area. Properly applied, CHPO car body filler can help restore a car's appearance and protect it from further damage.

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