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500ml 2k Activated High Gloss Clear Aerosol Paint

500ml 2k Activated High Gloss Clear Aerosol Paint

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  • 2K technology comprises 2 components, paint and hardener, in one spray paint can
  • The hardener is integrated in a separate closed cartridge
  • The hardener is activated or released at the push of a button and mixed with the paint material
  • 2K technology guarantees excellent product and result quality, on a par with workshop paintwork with a painting gun


Perfectly suitable for spot repair and fast painting of car body elements

Is mixed with hardener inside the can

500 ml volume has a slower hardener and is optimized for larger repairs like small doors or small fenders

Provides a scratch-proof coating with an excellent gloss

Protects against rust, weathering influences and UV-rays

Fast drying

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