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Gloss Clear 500ml Acrylic Aerosol Paint Chameleon

Gloss Clear 500ml Acrylic Aerosol Paint Chameleon

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1K clear coat.

Chameleon acrylic clear varnish.

High quality clear varnish for treating treated and untreated surfaces made of wood, metal, aluminium, glass, stone and various types of plastic.


Quick drying, excellent filling properties, long-lasting shine, scratch and shockproof, weather-resistant, corrosion protection, UV-resistant and non-fading, excellent adhesion.

Base acrylic resin.

VOC content approx. 90% by weight, solid content approx. 10% gloss high gloss coverage 1.5 to 2 m².

Dust-dry after approx. 60 minutes glue-free cured after 10 to 20 minutes / sprayable after 2 hours heat resistant up to 110 °C.

The surface should be clean, dry and free of grease. Lightly sand the surface (600 grit).


The aerosol should be at room temperature. Best processing temperature 15 to 25 °C. Shake the aerosol for 2 minutes before use and spray a sample. Distance from the surface to be treated approx. 25 to 30 cm. Apply the clear coat in several thin coats. Before applying the next coat, shake the aerosol again.

High quality for partial repairs.

Adhesion to fabrics, metals and plastics.

Easy to apply


Easy to work with.

Professional result.

Quick drying

Excellent coverage and filling properties

Corrosion protection.

Easy to sand, both wet and dry (from 400 grit)

Can be resprayed with all paint systems.

Colour: colourless / transparent.


Contents: 500 ml.


Contents: 1 x 500 ml 1K acrylic clear lacquer spray

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