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Holden VL Brock Calais Walkinshaw Repro Radio player USB B-T

Holden VL Brock Calais Walkinshaw Repro Radio player USB B-T

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Usb modern player fitted with VL CALAIS / WALKINSHAW magnetic Radio face. Factory look with modern technology.

Bluetooth phone connectivity

Play your music direct from your phone.


Multifunction Bluetooth Vehicle MP3 Player Product specification: Built-in Bluetooth+Microphone Support hands-free calls Support advanced audio transmission mode Support the clock indicating while power is off High-quality digital stereo FM radio Support three-band radio store FM1-FM2-FM3,and can preset 18 radio stations (Radio frequency: 87.5-108MHZ) Support USB/SD/MMC card reader Support audio : MP3/WMA/WAV formats and so on Support folder play function Support breakpoint memory and ID3 play Support remote control MP3 play supports pause/preview/repeat/random play and 10 tracks up/down selections Electronic type bass/treble/left and right balance/front and back balance volume control Multiple EQ scenario mode choice :jazz,rock,pop,classical,etc Support mute and equal loudness(LUOD)control Front AUX audio input hole and rear terminal L/R audio RCA output hole 4 track high-power output (4 high-power loudspeakers) 60W*4 Work Voltage: DC 12V

Intelligent Bluetooth Call Support hands-free callls (HEP)VER1.5,making it convenient to receive calls and safe to drive.

Support the playing of multiple music formats: WMA/MP3 etc Support the adjusting of multiple sound effect models and independent output.(For example: high pitch,low pitch,L/R balance,Front and Back balance).Support name indication of ID3 English songs.Support folder play function.Sound effect models: classic,jazz,pop.rock,mega bass can be randomly switched through pressing corresponding buttons on panel EQ/LOUD

Support USB(U disk)/SD card playing Support vast USB/SD storage equipment,and you can download the songs you like into the storage equipment to play,which is very convenient(I have tested in person that memory card with 32GB storage can be played in a flash) Support the charging of all kinds of digital products with USB interfaces(Only support 5V charging)

Super strong four tracks output It adopts the TDA7388 power amplifier 1C(60W*4)imported with original packaging which can be connected externally to four high-power loudspeakers,releasing sound effect perfectly. RAC terminal in the rear end supports the audio output of left and right channels,and can be connected to external subwoofer or amplifier.

Radio Function FM radio with high-quality digital stereo,which can search channels in fill-automatic way,semiautomatic way and accurate adjustment way,Support the three-band radio store (FM1-FM2-FM3),which can store 18 radio channels in advance.(Radio frequency:87.5-108MHz)

AUX audio input Support external AUX(3.5MM plug)to on put into the audio,such a navigation, phone audio and so on,input through the front terminal AUX audio,and output sound from the car's high


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