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Single Filter Spray Paint Mask Dust Respirator

Single Filter Spray Paint Mask Dust Respirator

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Respirator Cotton Filter Dust Face Mask Filter for Mining Casting


brand new and

Easy and convenient to wear, giving you satisfying respiratory for protection.

Suitable for mining, metal grinding, house decoration, etc.

Flexible for head straps, can be adjusted to fit your for head size.

Comfortable for wearing for a long for time.


filter cotton :

particulate filter cotton adopts a convex design, which can effectively filter fine dust and other non-oil particles with a minimum filtration rate of 95%.

-It is suitable for dust for protection caused by operations such as mining, casting, metal smelting and grinding.

-Life: filter cotton dirty, damaged or when you feel significantly increased respiratory resistance, please promptly replace the

filter cotton, because the use of the environment, the frequency is different, the use of for time is also different.

-Note: As a filter fitting, it can not be used alone, can be combined with Anti Dust Mask + filter cotton holder.



Material: Rubber

Size: 130 + 125mm

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