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Spray Chief Candy Paint Colours 1 Litre

Spray Chief Candy Paint Colours 1 Litre

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Candy Base Colours

Spray Chief Candy Apple 1 Litre Base colours 

  • Candy base colour 1L




Over silver base or on chrome or alloy with Top coat clear.

Candy Apple Basecoat is a unique product utilizing the latest paint technology. Now you can have an incredibly durable finish as easily as spraying acrylic, and by top coating with Spray Chief 2 Pack Clear, the basecoats and top coats are hardened simultaneously for a spectacular finish. Candy Apple is a two paint process metallic base coat followed by applications of this transparent Candy Apple colour coat.


Spray Chief 2 Pack Candy is a transparent paint designed for use as Candy Apple over a Silver Base or over Chrome or Alloy for an anodized effect or to restoreweathered fiberglass or paint. This product has incredible adhesion and durability. Will provide spectacular finishes on stainless steel (eg. kitchen splashbacks, benchtops etc).





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